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Taking One for the Team

The thing I most frequently hear in reference to Marsha Blackburn, House Republican from Tennessee, is that there is a sense among members that she is not a team player. That said, I thought GOPers should consider sucking it up and electing her because they could use a woman, she’s perfectly qualified, articulate, conservative, great on TV, etc. Anyway, fwiw, she lost (didn’t make the final ballot even) but sounds like a team player nonetheless:

 WASHINGTON, DC — Representative Marsha Blackburn issued the following statement today in reaction to the House Republican leadership elections.


“We have a great group of talented public servants in our Conference, and I’m confident that together we’re going to reaffirm our place as the top choice of voters across this country. Running in this election made it clearer than ever to me that all of our Members are leaders. We are all committed to our districts and our country, and now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and work together to be certain Americans know what we stand for and why. I will continue doing my best to support our leadership and support our Party’s principles.” 

House Republicans would be wise to make use of her and she — like the likes of Paul Ryan and Jeb Hensarling and other cool young conservatives — ought to make her presence known and felt in the 110th minority. They are key members of the team.


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