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Tales from the Homefront

We’re keeping our daughter home from school today because she’s got a fever and a bad cough. We let her sleep late. She was watching Curious George this morning, lounging like a Roman empress on the couch. We talked about renting a movie, making popcorn etc. She was in hog heaven — until she casually said “there’s no school today?” And we said, no there is school but you’re staying home today to get better.

Then: She. Freaked. Out. Screaming ensued. She ran up stairs, dressed herself in record time and made her way for the door. Jess caught up with her on the front steps asking, “Do you know how to drive?”

“But I have to go to school!” She screamed through a rasping cough that made her sound like Emperor Palpatine on his last breath and a crying jag like Paris Hilton’s when she was served meatloaf in jail. Then came the full tantrum and another escape attempt for the 4-year old. 

What is up with kids today? 


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