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Tales From The Manly Minivan

Overheard on my car trip to Champaign/Urbana this weekend:

1. The NPR affiliate WYSO (Yellow Springs/Dayton, OH) calmly segued into its Saturday morning airing of “Car Talk” saying that only one in ten listeners contribute to NPR. (They seem to forget the federal funds in this equation.) To nudge the other niggardly nine-tenths, the announcer said: “Maybe some of you are on the dark side.” Dark side? Listening to NPR without pledging makes you Darth Vader? Ah, but this is what makes it non-commercial radio: a commercial station would never sass its listeners, “So now go patronize McDonald’s so we can pay the bills, you freeloaders!”

2. Did anyone see “Today” this morning when California Dem. Party chair Art Torres said if anyone won the “Super Bowl” recall debate, it was Arianna? That is deeply weird not only as official Democratic Party analysis, but as analysis from any human being outside the mind melds of Harry Shearer and Al Franken.

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