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I see where you recommend that Governor Palin make a trip to see Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the girls.  I’m not so sure what could be gained from appearing in such a vacuous environment.  Let’s not forget the show is hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, who thinks that Senator McCain’s constitutional originalism might lead to slavery (and the audience that clapped because they thought it was a salient point!).  I think a trip to New York might be better served by visiting one of the news networks in lieu of The View.  And she should definitely take your suggestion and call El Rushbo.

I’m obviously not a huge View fan but people really like Palin. She’s likable. If Whoopi and the rest want to be a jerk with her, they’ll pay, viewer-wise, I suspect. Let Sarah free, is all I’m saying. McCain should take Steyn’s advice. We’re going to hear plenty of him on Friday — mercifully on foreign policy.

And it’s honestly a mystery to me that calling Rush wasn’t one of her top priorities. What McCain will never do, she should. 

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