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Taking in (and on?) The View

I was just reading about Rick Santorum and his appearance on The View. I simply want to say how much I admire people such as Rick and Carly who do this. Long ago, I was pretty good at talking with the Left, I think. (I’m from Ann Arbor, after all.) But I’m way out of practice. My problem is, I’ve been toiling in the right-wing vineyards for so long, I’ve sort of forgotten how to talk with the Left. My life is one long intra-Right war. It’s nothing but, “I love Reagan more than you do!” “No, you don’t!” “I’m tougher on immigration than you are!” “No, you’re not!” It’s just an endless round of righter-than-thou.

So, that’s too bad. Maybe I should take some infield practice, re-sharpen my skills. (Mona Charen is exceptionally good at talking with the Left, by the way. That’s why she’s perfect for NPR. Jonah Goldberg has this gift too.) Anyway, I just want to express my admiration of the likes of Rick and Carly for what they do.


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