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Tar Heels, Blue Devils, and Midnighters

Alston Ramsay, late of NR, on set

Alston Ramsay is an old National Review hand, and an old WFB hand. When he worked here, he assisted WFB on his Notes & Asides compilation. Alston went on to work for Donald Rumsfeld, Robert Gates, David Petraeus, and Jeh Johnson. Now, mirabile dictu (as WFB would say), he’s in Hollywood — writing and producing movies. Just out is Midnighters, directed by Julius Ramsay, Alston’s older brother.

Alston is my guest on Q&A. We talk about the movie, of course. And about NR and WFB. And about Petraeus and whatnot. And about basketball. A North Carolinian, Alston is a passionate Tar Heel. I pretend that I don’t know the difference between a Tar Heel and a Blue Devil — because, in a sense, what does it matter, to those of us outside that state? Blue-and-white uniforms, Coach K and Dean Smith — it all runs together.

Anyway, Alston takes all this in stride, blithe spirit that he is. Meet this versatile and admirable guy on the ’cast.


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