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Tax Credits the Middle Class Uses

Middle-income people have been buried over last four years. I want to get some relief to them. Good answer.

Now Mitt’s giving useful specifics. No tax on interest, dividends, and savings. Mitt appropriately emphasized that getting rid of deductions for higher-income families means they won’t pay at lower rates. That is the key rap against Romney’s tax policy, and he hit it head on. Obama can claim, over and over, that Romney is lying. But Romney doesn’t look like he is lying. He looks like he has a comprehensive plan. Obama sounds just a little too defensive, and he’s pulling in too many arguments from all over to make his point. 

Obama claims to have lowered middle-class taxes — but all the other rising costs have more than overwhelmed that. Energy costs, inflation, health insurance, etc. have eaten up any savings anyone might have felt, so it doesn’t feel true.

Obama is much more energetic and forceful than he previously was. But words matter less than the record — 43 months of unemployment above 8 percent,more women in poverty.


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