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Biden stumbles through numbers, and revs up on the pure rhetoric. Old school.

Ryan’s inflections show that he comprehends the numbers and policies he is discussing. He doesn’t need to throw around numbers meant to be inflamatory. Useful comparison of U.S. business taxes vs. Canada. He’s fluid for a wonk who deals in substance. That signals smart. Voters want smart coupled with real, traditional leadership this time.

Ryan adds visible intellectual heft to the ticket, but he does not personally have the charisma to be at the top. That’s fine, since charisma is, or ought to be, in disrepute at the moment.

Biden is angry and gets down into the weeds too much. He has a hard time keeping an argument abstract while using numbers to bolster his case. He thinks throwing out numbers as if they make their own case.

Now he is being an irritable old guy, which almost all middle-aged and younger people, who have curmudgeons of their own to contend with, will not find too compelling or charming.


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