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A Taxing Read

The Washington Post has a profile of John Boehner this morning and another piece on spending. In the latter, there is this about Boehner:  

GOP leaders concede that point and say they are open to broader bipartisan approaches to tackling the nation’s budget problems. Boehner, for instance, has embraced the possibility of higher taxes, suggesting in a speech in Cleveland this summer that lawmakers should look at clearing out the “undergrowth of deductions, credits, and special carve-outs” in the tax code that are little more than “poorly disguised spending programs.”

I hear nothing in that quote and I heard nothing in that speech that “embraced the possibility of higher taxes.” I suppose curtailing spending is so foreign to Washington that the Washington Post can’t even recognize it when it’s being discussed. That’s not all the Washington Post’s fault, of course. But I’m hoping they’ll have to witness it shortly.

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