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Taxpayer-Funded Taxpayer Lunacy in Nyc

New York City translates school notices from its chancellor into “Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Urdu, Arabic, Haitian Creole and Bengali.” Not good enough, complained the New York Immigration Coalition and Advocates for Children this week.

The groups insist that New York City is failing to obey Clinton Executive Order 13166, which requires translations in any language anyone speaks. Quoting from their report, “Denied at the Door:

All notices and materials going to parents must be provided in the native language of parents with limited English proficiency. The Department of Education should create a centralized translation unit providing translations in the major languages, with referrals for outside translation for those languages spoken by smaller segments of limited English proficient families. Each school must post signs informing parents of their rights to language assistance.

The cost? A mere $5 to $7 million annually.

New York City taxpayers would not only get stuck with this whopping translation bill. They also paid to enable these leftist outfits to exist long enough to complain in the first place.

The New York Immigration Coalition received $200,000 from the State of New York in 2003, while Advocates for Children was funded by the U.S. Department of Education, the Corporation for National Service and various New York State agencies.

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