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Tea-Party Candidate Wrestles Alligator in New Ad

Air Force Colonel Rob Maness, the tea-party candidate in the Louisiana Senate race, has released his first television ad. The 30-second spot features him wrestling an alligator, which he not-so-subtly compares to the Democrats he’s hoping to take on in Washington, to the ground. 

“In Louisiana, we know how important alligators are to our economy,” Maness said in a statement, “but to the rest of the country, they can appear to be dangerous animals that lie in wait to devour whatever they can. In that way alligators are not unlike liberal politicians who are willing to destroy every last vestige of our liberties and independence.”

Maness, who is challenging Republican representative Bill Cassidy and Democratic senator Mary Landrieu, continues to poll in the single digits. There are no party primaries in Louisiana and, in the state’s jungle primary system, if no candidate wins 50 percent of the vote on November 4, the top two finishers head to a December runoff. 

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