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A ‘Teabagger’ Summa

Once upon a time, I wrote a heck of a lot about Jimmy Carter, and how outrageous he was as an ex-president: ghostwriting speeches for Yasser Arafat and so on. (Yes, he did.) I was something of a Carterologist. But then I got somehow . . . tired, and repetitive. And I said I would swear off Jimmy Carter. I largely have, although, funnily enough, I have an item about him in my Impromptus for tomorrow. Sort of the same with the Hollywood Left and its romance with the Castro dictatorship: I used to write a lot about that, and still dip into it from time to time. But, after a while, what more can you say?

I tell you why I bring this subject up: For the last month or so, I’ve written, in dribs and drabs, about the issue of “teabagger”: what conservatives should do about this vexatious term (if anything). In the new National Review, I have an entire piece on this subject — drawing my dribs and drabs together. That piece is available at NRO, here. I hope and trust that others will give their own views. As for me, I’ve said my piece, kind of literally. See what you think. And I’ll be yammering on about something else soon . . .

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