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Teachers’ Union President Spends $18k of Union Cash for Spy-Device Sweep

President of the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) Michael Mulgrew spent nearly $18,000 to have a security team search UFT office for surveillance devices, the New York Post reports.

Two separate payments in January and March of last year reveal that Mulgrew hired Protective Countermeasures & Consulting Inc. to sweep the union’s office at 52 Broadway for bugs. Protective Countermeasures and Consulting specializes in counter espionage and counter terrorism. They not only can detect surveillance equipment, but they also offer services to install covert cameras and track online activity.

The UFT reportedly would not say if any surveillance equipment was found.

Financial documents revealed that the union also spent $1.7 million on food last year, $4 million on political advocacy, and that Mulgrew received a salary of $250,000.