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Team Clinton: The Polls Are Moving Our Way. Because of Wright? No Comment.

On a conference call with reporters, top Clinton campaign officials are still carefully staying away from any comment on the Rev. Jeremiah Wright affair.  Top Clinton strategist Mark Penn began the call by saying the campaign had seen “some significant developments in the last few days in the polling data.”  “There are some pretty big changes happening out there with the voters,” Penn said.  “While Sen. Obama was declaring himself the frontrunner in the race…the polls were saying something else…They are showing his lead nationally with Democrats has been evaporating….This suggests a very strong swing in momentum.”

But when someone asked the obvious question — Do you believe any of those changes are attributable to the Wright matter? — the Clinton team demurred.  “I don’t think you can pick out any single issue here,” Penn said.  “I think that a process started of vetting and testing of Sen. Obama, and I think as a result of that process, there are a number of issues: what happened with Goolsbee and NAFTA, what happened with Samantha Powers…the Rezko trial and questions surrounding that. So I think there’s no one issue.”  No mention of Wright.

Byron York — Byron York is is the author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

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