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The continuing battle to get my DV-capture software working under Windows Me. First, a word to the 800 readers who emailed in telling me to get a Mac. The word is: FIDDLESTICKS. I am not going to get a Mac. Mac users, as everyone knows, drive Volvos, pronounce the name of that West African country as “Nee-ZHAIR,” and break wind when they laugh. Second, another word to the other 800 people who emailed in to tell me that Windows Me is a pile of dog poop. I know. (All right, 2 words.) Who doesn’t know? But I’m due for a new system next February & I’m not going to waste 2-3 days installing XP just for a few months use. Besides, I have always been able to get Me to do what I wanted it to–it’s not actually THAT bad. Now then: I have installed the 1394 card & got all the drivers. I have also got all the drivers for my camcorder, or at least Me thinks I have. Device Manager shows an entry for “PCI OHCI Compliant 1394 Host Controller” & seems happy with it (no yellow exclamation points). I have put “settings” to “Support Non-Compliant Devices.” My camcorder’s plugged in to one of the 1394 firewire ports on the card. When I switch it on, the system recognizes it: I have a new entry under “Sound, video & game controllers” for “1394 Camcorder.” Me seems happy with the drivers. And yet… my capture software can’t find the camcorder for DV input. I have actually tried a couple of different capture apps–neither can find the camcorder. Why not? A free signed copy of PRIME OBSESSION to anyone who knows.

John Derbyshire — Mr. Derbyshire is a former contributing editor of National Review.

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