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Technical Difficulties

DATELINE: Somewhere in the swamps of Jersey.

I write from a dying laptop, linked via wireless hotspot to a cell phone plugged into the cigarette lighter of a 1994 Jeep Cherokee.

NRO has, needless to say, been experiencing some technical challenges in light of Hurricane Sandy. Much of New York surrounding NRHQ remains without power, our servers may have been flooded, and the better number of NRniks at large are scrounging for working outlets and Internet connections. This is a bad one, folks.

The homepage is working for the moment, and we’ve endeavored to get everything up for your reading pleasure, not least our ongoing election coverage. (See, for instance, Costa’s latest on the purple states Romney will need to win).

We hope you’ll bear with us in the coming hours and (we hope not) days as we try to regain our footing athwart history.

Our thoughts and prayers with our readers on the East Coast. We hope you’re high and dry.


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