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Ted Cruz Doesn’t Echo Sarah Palin’s Impeachment Call

Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) chose not to echo Sarah Palin’s call for House Republicans to impeach President Obama, though he reiterated his belief in the “lawlessness” of the president. 

“That is a decision for the House of Representatives,” Cruz told National Review Online when asked if he agrees with Palin. ”I serve as the ranking member of the Constitution Subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and, in that capacity, I have been working hard to describe in comprehensive detail the lawlessness of President Obama and the Obama administration. We’ve put out a series of reports about the consistent pattern of this administration disregarding the law, refusing to enforce the law, unilaterally changing the law — which is utterly unprecedented and is a profound threat to individual liberty.”

Cruz didn’t make it explicit, but his comments on impeachment contained a reminder that Senate Democrats would never vote to remove Obama.

“It ought to be a bipartisan concern,” he continued. ”Anyone who believes in the constitutional checks and balances should be dismayed about a president who claims the authority to pick and choose which laws to follow and which to ignore. Sadly, Senate Democrats have not demonstrated the courage of being willing to stand up to their own president. And indeed Harry Reid is President Obama’s chief enabler by preventing the Senate from engaging in any meaningful oversight or holding the president accountable for his lawlessness.”  



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