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9 Percent!

In response to and There Are, of Course, Hurricane Bloggers

Henry notes what a Trumpy night it’s going to be. Here is another little indicator: One poll the other day had Cruz at 9 percent in Connecticut
The Northeast was never going to be a Cruz strength, but I wonder if the “New York values” jibe has played as an insult of the entire region (plus, Cruz has abandoned the field, figuring that limited resources are best spent elsewhere). If you thought there was already an “it’s over” drumbeat in the press, just wait till tonight and tomorrow morning as the magnitude of Trump’s victories sink in.
Cruz has a chance to win in Indiana, and re-set the narrative of the race, but he will have to do it against significant headwinds, with the media ready to declare Trump the presumptive nominee and more Republicans preparing to acquiesce.


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