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Ted Cruz: Hillary Clinton Is ‘on the Payroll of Foreign Nations’

Senator Ted Cruz (R., Texas) described Hillary Clinton as being “on the payroll of foreign nations” based on a Washington Post report that the Clinton Foundation violated an ethics agreement with President Obama by accepting foreign donations while she served in his administration.

“Call me crazy, [but] I don’t think the secretary of State, or, for that matter the president, should be on the payroll of foreign nations,” Cruz told a group of reporters and conservative bloggers during an interview at CPAC

The comment came as the culmination of a discussion about how a conservative who ran for president with a populist campaign message could beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Cruz said that “Hillary’s greatest strength is Bill Clinton,” insofar as she can evoke the 1990s and portray herself as a moderate in the mold of her husband. The association with Bill Clinton is a double-edged sword, though, he suggested.

“Since leaving office, Bill and Hillary Clinton have made hundreds of millions of dollars exploiting government service,” he said. “Hillary Clinton embodies the bipartisan corruption of Washington, where those where those those who walk the corridors of power in the Obama administration, they’ve gotten fat and happy.”

The Clinton Foundation’s violation of an ethics agreement with Obama, which stipulated that they not accept money from foreign governments while she led the State Department, is another example of that weakness.

“It is a manifestation of the crony capitalism we have seen for decades,” Cruz said.


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