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Fred has written something brazen about Ted Cruz, and Charlie has seconded it. Here’s Fred: “Short term or long term, Cruz is not concerned with what’s best for the country; he’s concerned with what’s best for Ted Cruz. Nothing wrong with that; this is politics, after all.”

“Nothing wrong with that”? Oh, come now: There is something very wrong with that.

And it’s not true, thank goodness. I have known Ted for many years, and he is very, very concerned with what’s best for our country. I will not try to talk Fred or Charlie or anyone else out of his position now. All I can say is that I hope Ted is the Republican nominee and then president, and then they’ll see.

P.S. If Marco and Kasich don’t drop out before Tuesday, should I call them self-interested? Should I call them treasonous, or nearly so? Should I say they put personal ambition before country? What would Marco-ites and Kasichians say about that? They would say “BS” and “libel,” and they would have a point.

P.P.S. When I met Ted, he could have been making millions in private law practice. He had a Princeton-Harvard pedigree, and he had clerked for the chief justice of the United States. Instead, he was laboring in the conservative vineyards, sometimes for free: because he wanted to change the country for the better.

One day, he talked to me about lawyers in the camp opposite him — lawyers defending the education establishment, trying to deny poor black families the right to school choice. I will never forget his indignation, or the words he used. Ever.

P.P.P.S. There is a story about George III. Over in London, he heard that our George, Washington, would return to his farm, after all was said and done. The king said, “If he does that, he will be the greatest man in the world.”

If Marco or Kasich dropped out before Tuesday, uniting with Cruz against Trump and for the country? He would be very, very big indeed. I don’t know whether I could be as big. I’d be tempted to stay in till the last trump (so to speak).

Moreover, a man has a right to run for office. He has a right to compete. He has a right to put himself before the voters. And none dare call it treason. (Phrase not original.)


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