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Cruz & Co.

Ted Cruz has for the most part run a lonely campaign. He’s had very little institutional support. And much of conservative talk radio, shockingly, hasn’t been there for him, feeling the pull of Donald Trump instead. Wisconsin is different. Scott Walker has thrown his full support behind Cruz, and talk radio hosts in the state are with him rather than Trump. Wisconsin is not Nevada or Mississippi and was going to be a tougher state for Trump, and the mogul clearly hurt himself with his attack on Heidi Cruz, among other things. But it surely matters that Cruz is less lonely than he has been elsewhere (if Cruz over-performs and wins the late-deciding vote, the Walker endorsement will be a big reason why). The lesson for the party should be clear–if you want to stop Trump, don’t stand on the sidelines, don’t obsess over Cruz’s imperfections or past slights, get out there and back him.


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