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Ted Cruz’s Fundraising Juggernaut

One of the surprises of the election season has been Ted Cruz’s phenomenal fundraising numbers. He was out-raised by Ben Carson in the third quarter, $20 million to $12 million, but doubled Marco Rubio’s $6 million haul. And Cruz’s momentum shows no sign of letting up: A source with the campaign tells me that between the start of the fourth quarter on October 1 and close of business on Friday, October 9, the campaign had raised $1 million.  

A spokesman for Florida senator Marco Rubio, whose third quarter numbers were underwhelming, said he’s on track to have the best fundraising month yet. 

Republicans (see columns by Rich Lowry and George Will) and others (Frank Bruni, Charlie Cook), are starting to murmur that the momentum in this race is, for now, with Cruz, Rubio, and Carly Fiorina. 

Jeb Bush hasn’t released his third quarter numbers and, while fundraising isn’t everything, he certainly has to sustain his financial dominance if he is to maintain a foothold in the race. 


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