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Ted Kennedy R.I.P.

I’m staying mostly silent about Ted Kennedy for reasons that should be obvious. There was obviously a good side to him. He cared greatly about his causes. He was personally charming. He worked tirelessly and nurtured many careers. I could go on, but others more passionate about the man can say it better.

But here’s one tip for liberals outraged that anyone would speak ill of the dead in regard to Kennedy. Such protests are fair for the moment. But they lose all legitimacy the moment liberals try to use his memory to steam roll a health-care bill through Congress. If they want to invoke his memory or legacy as a reason to pass their partisan version of health-care reform, that is their right. But they should not then say that nobody should dare criticize Kennedy. That’s not making an argument for health-care reform, that is simple bullying and I see no reason why opponents of the Democratic push should cave in to it.

Update: Too late.

Update II: Really too late.

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