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Ted Strickland’s Pimp Arrested

This is an amazing story.

DUBLIN, Ohio—Columbus police have charged a former member of Governor Ted Strickland’s staff with seven felonies, involving a prostitution ring.

Eric McFadden, who until October of 2007 was head of Strickland’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, was arrested Wednesday morning in Dublin.

Police said they believe McFadden was “Toby,“ the man they have been looking for during the past two months after busting up a prostitution ring that was operated on Craig’s List.

An employee of the OSU School of Nursing and an employee of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services was arrested at that time.

McFadden was being charged with seven felonies, including pandering obscenities involving a minor, promoting prostitution and compelling prostitution.

Police said the number of charges could rise to 15.

Police also said McFadden was the go-to guy in Columbus when it came to prostitution.

McFadden ran Catholic organizing for Kerry and Clinton, I believe.

Update: Yep. Yep.

Update II: Oh and, as usual, you will search in vain for the word “Democrat.” If a Republican Catholic of the same stature were arrested for running a prostitution ring, the first word of the article would be “Republican.”

Update III: Yes, they’ve now amended it with the adjective “Democrat.” Better late than never.


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