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Tee-ed Off Party

This is harsh:

President Obama announced Monday he’ll swoop into Manhattan Thursday to make his case for reforming Wall Street, but didn’t tell – or immediately invite – Mayor Bloomberg.

The spat erupted when a seemingly peeved Bloomberg, who has warned that a regulatory frenzy could slice into the city’s tax base, said he was not alerted to Obama’s pitch at Cooper Union.

“Well, I just saw on the blogs that he was coming, so I haven’t talked to anybody in the White House,” Bloomberg told reporters at an event in the Bronx at about 10:30 a.m.

I would never have expected the mayor of New York to have a ton of down time to read “the blogs.” (Hi, Mr. Multitaskin’ Mayor!)

Somehow I think the president will smooth this over by Thursday. Or maybe Bloomberg will have lunch with Ross Perot just for a buzz.


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