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From a reader of Asian descent, judging from his name:

re your article.

Why are you so obsessed with blaming Obama for everything? The worldwide image problem America has has little to do with him. Are you just looking for a scapegoat?

Look, as a godless terrorist foreigner, let me tell you – the USA’s run is over. The USA has lost its caché. You’d been losing it for decades, but at least you were still rich – now you’re not even that and people have stopped pretending to like you.

Everyone hates America. Everyone. I am surprised Chicago got 18 votes. I feel angry you even applied to host an Olympics – supposed to be the epitome of international spirit. How can “exceptional” America dare to even show its face at such a selection?

Congratulations to Rio and Brazil.

Update: From a reader:

You should probably clarify by using a term that is a little more specific.


Asia is a large territory with distinct cultures and religions.


I am an Asian-American physician (grew up here).  Agree with almost all your views.

Oh. Seriously, my sincere apologies to anyone who takes offense. I was simply posting fast. I didn’t mean to ascribe anything to Asians qua Asians. I was simply trying to protect the anonymity of the initial idiotic e-mailer while providing a little context. Anyway, I think the first e-mailer is from Japan. But I’d hate for anyone to think I was implying anything about the Japanese more generally.

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