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To Tell the Truth

On our latest Need to Know, Mona and I have a familiar guest — familiar to all NR readers, and other right-thinking people: Andrew C. McCarthy. He discusses the Hillary indictment, or non-indictment. He is not only an experienced prosecutor himself. He is an old friend and colleague of the FBI director. He, and we, also discuss the recent shootings, in this horrifying week: Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas.

Mona and I discuss the campaign, of course. We got some Trump ’n’ Saddam. Some Trump ’n’ Newt. All politicians have to be flexible, of course. Ev Dirksen said, “I have my principles, and foremost among them is flexibility.” But to see Newt, who was so proud of NAFTA, grinning next to Trump as the candidate declares NAFTA the worst thing since the Plague …

We comment on television, too. PBS — which essentially doctored its Fourth of July broadcast — and Fox News. Is Fox a force for good in this world? A touchy topic, particularly among conservatives. (I guess no one else cares.) Regardless, people need to be savvy consumers of media, as of everything else.

And I recall an old saying in golf: “Every shot pleases somebody.”

Toward the end of our podcast, Mona and I talk about Entebbe, Bill Weld, and some other things. We go out with an old song — the theme to a game show, To Tell the Truth. Quite catchy. And we could use some of it: truth-telling.

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