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Telling Labour About Liberation

Hamid Karzai at the Labour Party Conference:

“The September 11 terrorist attacks had awoken the world to the gravity of the situation in Afghanistan, he told Labour delegates. As a result, Afghanistan witnessed “in a magnificent way the cooperation of civilisations,” he said.

He added: “A poor, deeply believing Muslim country, a traditional country, was receiving help from the rest of the world, from a different religion, different values.

“The Afghan people joined hands with them to free themselves and by that the rest of humanity from the tyranny of terrorism. This was for me the cooperation of mankind together for the sake of humanity.”

Mr Karzai continued: “The result of that cooperation today for Afghanistan is that we have now had a government for two years. We are liberated. We have political freedom. We have freedom of the media. We have, only in Kabul, 80 newspapers printing and all critical of us.”


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