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On Temple Mount

I think that the following, from, tells us a lot about the depths of contemporary antisemitism, and the terrible march of political correctness throughout the Western world. Clearly the ravages of the Temple Mount are of enormous cultural significance, and people who were outraged at the Taliban’s destruction of the glorious Buddhas cannot claim intellectual integrity if they remain silent now. This is one of those stories that go to the heart of our culture and to the corruption of so many Western souls.

Temple Mount Antiquities Destroyed In ‘Cultural Intifadah’

There is not a great deal that is new in the piece, but this comment by the

director of the project, archaeologist Gabriel Barkay, is worth noting:

Barkay said it was a tragedy that the Western world was not more concerned about

the destruction of the antiquities on the Temple Mount.

The world community was outraged when the Taliban blew up two 165-foot nearly

2,000-year-old statues of Buddha in Afghanistan in 2001. But the destruction of

“the heartland of [Jewish and Christian] faith did not create an effect as it

should have done,” said Barkay.

“Very clearly parallel to the armed [Palestinian] intifadah is also the cultural

intifadah, more serious than the armed intifadah, Palestinians claiming Jews

never had a right to this country, Jews were never here,” Barkay added.

I wouldn’t say “more serious than,” but it’s very serious nonetheless.

There’s a nice summary of the finds to date:

By the door stands that largest piece — a three-foot-high section of a marble

pillar with purple veins running through it. The marble would have been imported

from Asia Minor, Barkay said. They know it came from the Temple Mount because

there are others like it there, Barkay said.

They have found pottery shards – 15 percent of which date back to the First

Jewish Temple period – the days of Biblical King Solomon. But workers will never

be able to put together a complete vessel because of the way things were mixed

up, he said.

There are pieces of early Christian oil lamps, figurines, pottery fragments with

Hebrew inscriptions. Hundreds of coins have been discovered dating from the

Second Jewish Temple period all the way up to the time of Napoleon.

They found a silver charm of St. Christopher, which would have been used by

Europeans during the 16th and 17th centuries to ward off evil.

Arrowheads of various shapes attest to the battles fought by generations of

conquerors over the Mount.

There are beads from an Islamic era, jewelry, ivory objects — including a

fine-toothed comb — which Barkay said he is sure will prove to contain lice

eggs when it is thoroughly examined.

And there’s one quite important bit of new information tucked quietly into the

end of the article:

Barkay said the workers won’t be able to finish sifting all of the material they

have but will get a good sampling. The project, which is funded by private

donors, is scheduled to continue until summer, he said. All of the artifacts as

well as the remaining material from the Temple Mount belong to the Antiquities

Authority by law.

The last information we had, from the middle of April, indicated that the

project was about to stop for lack of funding. It appears that an angel has come

through and funded it until the summer. Let’s hope someone continues to provide

the money to see the entire project through.

While we’re on this subject, has new (?) heavily illustrated

articles posted on the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, as noted yesterday by

Bible and Interpretation News.

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