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Ten Child-Welfare/Foster-Care/Adoption Things That Caught My Eye Today

1. Foster child found chained, padlocked in New Jersey abuse case

“Thanks to the courage of a concerned teacher, who requested a wellness check, this foster child was rescued,” Ambrose said. “We are investigating this incident along with the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office to gather as much information as possible about how and why this child was put in this horrific situation. We are pleased that he’s now safe, and we are grateful that his teacher suspected that he was in need of police assistance.”

2. New York Post: Babysitter pleads guilty to abusing toddler, sending videos to pedophile lover

Paige Poole — who moved to London in 2018 to marry an Englishman — was heard laughing in some of the clips as she abused a one-year-old child, DevonLive said.

3. Dallas News: Chaos, riots, arrests of children at private foster treatment facility 

One male employee was caught on video going in and out of a girl’s bedroom and closing the door, it said. Though state investigators later ruled out sexual abuse, the male staffer “was also observed hugging her and brushing his fingers down her face,” the report says. It says state Residential Child Care Investigations investigators substantiated reports by four girls, including “AA,” 13, from San Antonio, that a male staff member sexually abused them. AA said he digitally penetrated her and pressured her for oral sex.

Residents routinely pried open bathroom locks, the report says. Several reportedly had sex with one another or engaged in sexual games, undetected by staff members, it says. Last fall, one boy transferred in from the national nonprofit’s California facilities continuously reinjured an open wound on his calf, requiring four surgeries at League City.

4. ‘We are failing these children’: Foster care system struggles in pandemic

Teachers and school staff are usually key detectors of neglect or abuse in the home. But with in-person learning interrupted for weeks or months during the pandemic, overall reporting has fallen off by about 20 percent.

“It’s harder to detect,” said Paige Rosemond, director of Wake County’s Division of Child Welfare.

. . .

“We’re still really concerned because we know there are so many stressors that have come with the pandemic — economically, loss of jobs, loss of connections with family members,” she said.

5. Child welfare nonprofits in Philly call for teachers to return to classrooms

The nonprofit coalition argues that schools can be reopened safely this month, but teachers must heed the district’s call to return in order to begin that process.

“We believe teachers (who do not qualify for health-related leave) must first return to their schools to thoroughly review and assess the safety protocols and ventilation systems for themselves,” their statement reads. “This step is essential so that teachers have confidence that they can safely educate their young students….We urge the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers to adopt the same mindset and work with its members to get the schools opened.”

6. Journal Star: Care of Omaha-area children slips under embattled Kansas child welfare contractor

7. Irish Examiner: Tusla, Ireland, sees child welfare and protection referrals rise to highest level in a year

The number of referrals made to Tusla involving retrospective cases of abuse to the end of last November, at 2,647, was lower than the number made in the first 11 months of 2019. The number of those cases still awaiting allocation has been steadily rising since last August, but were still at a lower level than much of the first half of 2020.

8. 9-year-old adopted after 7 years waiting in foster care

“He did have behavioral issues at first but the stability they gave him was exactly what he needed to recover from all the trauma he had been through,” Danielson [permanency planning supervisor of Department of Human Services in Oklahoma] said. “They were the perfect family for him. It’s one of those rare, dream-come-true homes.”




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