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Ten Foster Care/Adoption/Child-Welfare Things that Caught My Eye Today: Choosing Life, Mental Health, Helping the Aging Out & More

1. Fresno Student Who Chose Life Walks Graduation with Daughter

2. Children’s Hospital Colorado declares mental health state of emergency as suicide attempts rise


4. Cash Accounts Can Help Youth Aging Out of Foster Care Succeed

5. Minnesota is first state to stop separating moms in prison and babies

6. Ahead of pivotal Supreme Court decision, foster care agency mired in religious freedom fight

7. Teen Mom Hands Newborn Baby to Customer at NJ Restaurant, Then Walks Out – NBC New York

8. Former foster child Simone Biles is first woman to land Yurchenko double pike vault

9. ‘Groundbreaking legislation’ setting rules for custody of foster children passes Louisiana House

10. Henderson family grows to 12 after long-awaited adoption of siblings

Aimee Hairr and her husband of Henderson, NV, recently adopted 5 siblings and doubled their children by half and growing their family to 12. 





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