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Ten Percent of Jobs on Were Not Created by Stimulus

According to a new report, nearly one out of ten jobs on the website have nothing to do with the stimulus funding. The Government Accountability Office’s new report shows that as many as 4,000 potential recipients of stimulus funds reported creating 58,000, though they had not yet received any money. What’s more, some 9,200 recipients reported receiving a total of $965 million, yet didn’t have any jobs to show for that money.

In fact, Earl Devaney, the guy in charge of monitoring how the stimulus dollars are spent, declared to ABC News that he couldn’t guarantee any of the jobs reported on the website. Not even one?

Interestingly, Joe Biden has been making a big push lately to convince people that there have been no reports of widespread misuse of stimulus funding (obviously, the VP doesn’t read the Corner). Yet, according to the Washington Post this morning, “GAO is pursuing at least eight allegations of waste or abuse of stimulus funds from more than 100 reported. The audit agency has referred at least 33 other allegations to federal inspectors general, according to the report.”