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Ten Things that Caught My Eye (March 1, 2019)

That it is March 1 already. A day that was forever changed seven years ago when Andrew Breitbart died. Thinking about him and praying for his eternal rest and his family.

1. Michael Wear in The Atlantic:

What the abortion debate needs is not an increase of moral outrage—we have plenty of that—but instead a sense of moral lament. It is to our collective shame that our politics seems incapable of such a development.

Consider thanking The Atlantic for running this and the recent Alexandra DeSanctis piece, too. Letters information here.)

2. Washington Post on Veterans parking lot suicides

3. Fewer prescription opiods are leading to more suicides

4. In Their Own Words: Parents of Kids Who Think They Are Trans Speak Out

5. Raymond Arroyo on illiteracy. I’ve known Raymond for decades. He does news, commentary, book-writing, and then some. The most important thing he does other then being a husband and father is writing creative, wonderful children’s books. (I talked with him about his Will Wilder series earlier along the way here and here.)

6. An adoption at 17


8. Pew: The way U.S. teens spend their time is changing, but differences between boys and girls persist

9. Patricia Heaton on her recent trip to Rwanda.




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