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Ten Things That Caught My Eye (November 13, 2019)




4. Kay Warren talks with Kelly Rosati for Christianity Today about children and mental illness and what families need (both women have intimate experience on the matter).

5. Denver Adoption Day brings stability and love to teenager

6. My friend Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles (born in Mexico), who just wanted to be a priest and is now the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

7. Miss USA 2020: Madeline Delp Is Out to Become the First Wheelchair Contestant 

8. American Girl Catalog Features Girl with Down Syndrome 

9. Michael Wear on why we’re not supposed to talk about religion and politics at the dinner table:

10. Dolly Parton: My life purpose is to ‘do something for God;’ ‘until He says stop, I’ll keep going’

Plus: Today’s conversation on Adopting a Culture of Life and Love: Protecting and Defending Vulnerable Children and Families Against the Cruelties of Indifference and Ideology:



Also, here, a conversation I was part of last night about the late Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete:


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