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Ten Things That Caught My Eye (September 9, 2019)

1. I’ve been looking forward to reading this article: “Wanted: More (and Better) Foster Parents: Church-based programs aim to prepare families for the challenge of taking in kids in need

(Also a little more on Naomi Schaefer Riley’s report about how to help foster parents here.)


3. On maternity homes in D.C., including the Northwest Center and the Capitol Hill Pregnancy Center

4. Time: “A Heavily Pregnant Migrant Crossed the U.S. Border Experiencing Contractions. American Doctors Stopped Her Labor, Then Sent Her Back to Mexico

5. A plea for prayer that the White House does not close our doors to refugees

6. Dr. Grazie Christie:

Bernie Sanders will probably be asked to defend his quick pivot to promoting abortion in the developing world. He may choose to simply apologize for his flat-footed response and point out that he walked it back a bit, switching to “birth control” and “women in poor countries . . . who may not necessarily want to have large numbers of babies.”

If so, Sanders would be missing a critical opportunity. This could be his chance to champion a culture of solidarity in the environmental movement, a culture where everyone in the human family is included when we make our calculations — a culture where everyone is valued equally.

7. Washington Post: ‘UVA has ruined us’: Health system sues thousands of patients, seizing paychecks and putting liens on homes

8. Gerry Bradley: Stigmatizing and Prosecuting Pornography

9. New York Times: “A Boy Was Bullied for His Homemade T-Shirt. Now the University of Tennessee Is Selling It.

10. Mother Teresa’s 15 Tips to Help You Become More Humble


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