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Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (August 14, 2019)

1. Of course the doubling-down-on-abortion town hall would happen on a Sunday — by Kirsten Gillibrand, who still “identifies” as Catholic.

2. Gary Rosen in WSJ: To Really Learn, Our Children Need the Power of Play

3. Robert P. George on Immigration and American Exceptionalism

4. George Weigel on heroism and the priesthood

5. From 2017: Matthew Hennessey on the priesthood as a heroic vocation (to mark Maximilian Kolbe’s feast day today)

(By the way, do you know about Matthew’s book on Gen X leadership? Read it while there’s still time. It’s running out.)

6. Lord, have mercy: Another NYPD officer has died by suicide, the eighth in 2019

7. A Colson Center symposium on purity culture and Christian morality


9. This tweet:

is an excuse to post Bill Buckley and Mortimer Adler talking about angels:

I only have that clip handy because I included it in my weekly email last Saturday. I usually include a Firing Line clip or another kind of WFB flashback. If you’re interested, subscribe here.


PLUS: On city streets in August

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