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Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (July 1, 2019)

1. Brother of Pakistani martyr wants global day for basic human rights

2. Pray that this weekend’s North Korean moment can be some kind of moment for leaven and peace, but don’t forget the people who suffer terror under that tyrannical regime.

3. Pro-Life activists helping with border care

4. From Andrew Sullivan in New York Magazine:

What does life look like after you’ve been canceled? You do your best to get on with your life, I guess. Maybe that means finding some other way to make a living, against a constant tide of contempt or disgust or social-media harassment. Or maybe it means inching back slowly into your old identity … and getting an uproarious standing ovation for which your hosts subsequently must apologize.

In Christianity, the rules are much kinder. The exposed sinner — even someone who commits a mortal sin — has an instant chance of redemption. You repent and ask God for forgiveness. Absolution follows. And if you start over, it is actually incumbent on other Christians to help you succeed again. They switch immediately from condemnation to support. The same in recovery. All you have to do is own your addiction and helplessness, make amends, start over day by day — and you will be encouraged, supported, cheered on by your fellows.

In the Woke Era, the cancellation process is far more brutal. An abject apology from the sinner is required — but just as a starter. If the apology is not a form of complete and utter self-flagellation, or fails to meet the standards of woke orthodoxy, you’ll still get canceled. And if you’re canceled for your unwoke opinion or a stupid, impulsive tweet, you’re permanently canceled.

And at that point, you will have absolutely no support from your peers, whatever you do. Any attempt to revive a career will be immediately suppressed. Whatever you once said clumsily or foolishly will never be forgotten. Any sign of social or career reemergence will mean another recitation of your sins, which, thanks to the permanence of the web, will go on forever like some Gregorian chant. It may even be that future woke culture will make your sin look even worse, and therefore even less forgivable.

5. Nicholas Kristof this weekend: “If you want to win an argument, you have to allow the argument.

6. Pope Francis: Jesus “is looking for witnesses who say to Him each day: ‘Lord, you are my life’.”

7. Seminarian who died in bus crash practiced laying down his life daily, friend says

8.It does get better: Women aged out of foster care inspire others

9. A find for art in the home via Rod Dreher

10. On C-SPAN, Jeanne Safer and Rick Brookhiser talk being married and agreeing to disagree about politics


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