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Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (July 25, 2018)

1.I’m so grateful Ross Douthat gets to write what he does at the New York Times. His Wednesday column this week on Cardinal McCarrick is wise and true. Hearts ache for something better from those who know better.

2. There’s an extraordinary profile in the Washington Post of Kristen and (the late) J. J. Hanson, who are beautiful witnesses for life and love against physician-assisted suicide and our throwaway culture.

If you have a moment to read it and thank the author, please do. She’s

Some video of the couple together here:


4. Three children are among thousands to die from euthanasia under Belgium’s radical laws that have seen cases increase fivefold in 10 years 

5. Protesting a healthier approach:

Today, by the way, is the 50th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s Humanae Vitae. Had it been more widely embraced, some of pain and suffering we see today might have been alleviated.

6. Why a famous social justice priest opposed birth control

7. How Vouchers Can End the Culture War Over Adoption

8. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks on “Making Love Last.”


10. Charles Krauthammer’s Gift to Jewish Music

PLUS: A Claremont fellowship program in D.C. for speechwriters. Act quickly if interested. Deadline is Friday.

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