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Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (June 12, 2018)

A few of these I’m a few days late on, but in case you haven’t read

1.Crux: Iraqi shepherd determined that Christianity not only survive but thrive

2. AP: Congo woman opens home to dozens of children orphaned by war


4. NY Post: How we can stop a ‘suicide contagion’

5. And if you’ve not read Bethany Mandel and Kirsten Powers

(Also I frequently link to this and this, in case it is helpful.

6. Fr. Roger Landry: Approaching the Suicide Surge with Honesty and Resolve

7. Bria Sanford:

how contemporary society can develop a healthy ethic of interdependence. What does it mean for two lives to be intertwined? What does it mean to value the child without treating the mother as a vehicle for the child’s delivery? What does it mean to rectify systemic oppression of women in a way that doesn’t treat children as a consumer product? How can our society take women’s health and agency seriously and also maintain that the taking of innocent life should be avoided whenever possible?

8. Andy Ferguson, Freelancer in Rome

9. Karen Swallow Prior: Sin Is Like Walking in Front of a Bus


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