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Ten Things That Caught My Eye Today (June 19, 2018)

1. Crux: Christian future in the Middle East has faces and names

2. John Allen at New Hope Trauma Center of Iraq.

3. Ramesh on doing immigration enforcement and keeping families together: How to Get Tough on Immigration Without Separating Families

4. Detroit Free Press: Babies torn from immigrant parents land in Michigan: ‘They need diapers’

5. Bethany Mandel: How Did the GOP Find Itself Separating Families?

BTW: My Q&A with Bethany about North Korea and how she helps and you can too

6. Salena Zito introduces Harvard students to actual humans who voted for voted for Donald Trump.

7. This Second Thoughts on the Sexual Revolution conference is worth taking a look at — Mary Eberstadt’s video among others.





You can watch this Heritage Foundation event on foster care and adoption and faith tomorrow via livestream.

My syndicated column on being pro-life in America today.

An interview with Fr. Thomas Acklin and Fr. Boniface Hicks about spiritual direction and sharing the Father’s love.

I’ll be chatting with Mona Charen and Ryan Anderson about her new book on July 18 in D.C. Join us, details here.

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