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Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (June 20, 2018)


2. SE Cupp deserves a lot of gratitude for sticking up for pro-lifers and people of faith in mainstream media. She’s disappointed by many of the same on this family-separation business at the border, and understandably so. While I understand “mission creep” concerns for organizations, it’s a humanity mistake to stay silent here and as she notes, it doesn’t help on the credibility front. Yes, people believe a caricature about pro-lifers. But sometimes we feed the caricature.

My aforementioned column here.

3. Lord have mercy on us.

I often wind up in conversations in various places about faith, including during Uber rides. A driver who was a fallen away Catholic asked me some months ago how there can be scandal among priests and the hierarchy. It just rocked him to the core to know that. Because there is evil and it preys on our weak humanity and we are weak and we give in. And that includes not being bold in protecting the innocent in so many walks of life.

We need a recommitment to virtue and that’s going to come in no small part in the renewal of the domestic church, the family. Which is really a convergence of news events in many ways.

There’s more to come on this news story. Pray for the wounded, pray for true fatherly leadership, pray for a reawakening of virtue.

Many of us need a reexamination of conscience about priorities on many fronts. Every news frenzy passes away…where are we most needed as civic actors, as people with one life to give?


5. CommentaryOver-Population: The Malthusian Myth That Refuses to Die

6. The Heritage Foundation sponsored a deeply moving event this morning about how foster-care and adoption solutions need faith-based people and agencies. It’s part of an education campaign to make the pitch that we need more, not less people involved in foster-care and adoption. This comes during the same week during which The Becket Fund has been in Philadelphia for hearings on keeping Catholic Social Services working with city government on the same. We need robust religious liberty for many reasons, not the least of them being it’s right. It’s also been working and efficient and saves lives and souls. You can watch online here.

7. In the Daily Signal: Oregon Forced Us to Close Our Cake Shop. Here’s What the Masterpiece Decision Means for Us.

8. Aaron Kheriaty in First Things on life as “Card-Carrying Precadavers“:

There is a real danger that we will increasingly view the human body as a collection of useful—or in some cases, not so useful—parts… In this view, the body becomes an assemblage of raw material whose components can be reconfigured or replaced according to the desires of the autonomous will.

9. From Daniel Webster’s eulogy for Adams and Jefferson (Hat tip: Shannon Last):

I earnestly urge you upon this consideration of our position and our character among the nations of the earth. It cannot be denied, but by those who would dispute against the sun, that with America, and in America, a new era commences in human affairs. This era is distinguished by free representative governments, by entire religious liberty, by improved systems of national intercourse, by a newly awakened and unconquerable spirit of free inquiry, and by a diffusion of knowledge through the community, such as has been before altogether unknown and unheard of.



On Romans 13 and more.

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