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Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (June 28, 2018)


But also: It’s not just the Supreme Court. When every tweet of a president has the power to shift politics, the news of the day, and moods around the country and world, the presidency has, too.

2. Rusty Reno is overturning Roe.

Two tweets wonder …

3. “Get off social media for 2018.”

4. Ramesh’s Amy Barrett endorsement for Justice Kennedy’s replacement has swag:







5. Yesterday I found these Judge Bork remembrances.

6. George Weigel on the Acts of the Apostles and us in the world today.

7. John Allen in Crux has a hard conversation with a new cardinal from Pakistan about blasphemy and Islam and Westerners not making a hard situation worse.

8. NPR: Saving Moms’ Lives During Childbirth Just Got Easier

9. Terry Teachout: Nobody learns from anybody else’s experience, much less from history. We must all learn the eternal verities from having our noses rubbed in them repeatedly.

10. Nick Ripatrazone: Flannery O’Connor told Betty Hester “your writing forces me to clarify what I think on various subjects.” Who (writer or otherwise) does that for you?


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