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Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (November 5, 2019)

1. This is one of those reports (from China, about the persecution of the Uighurs) that you pray isn’t true, but can’t look away from because it’s evil

2. Walter Olson: HHS Moves To Lift LGBT‐ Bias Funding Strings

3. YouTube Won’t Let a Medical Doctor Say This Sentence

4. In Christianity Today: When You Are Persecuted in One Place, Flee to Another. But Not to America.

5. Foster-care adoptions in Ohio reach milestone, but need is still great, Dave Thomas Foundation says

6. Some Days Are Dark — about parenting children with special needs. An adoptive mother I know linked to it because she is having some of those days

7. Confessions of an Adoptive Parent: How To Help Your Child Regulate During The Holidays

8. Premature baby who was given 50% chance of survival after being born 10 weeks early weighing less than 3lbs… becomes neonatal doctor 32 years later to help other troubled newborns

9. Fr. Roger Landry: Prayers for the Fallen Away Do Work Miracles

10. On a Greek Island, a Bookstore With Some Mythology of Its Own

PLUS:  From last night’s adoption event at The Sheen Center in NY – co-hosted by The Human Life Review and the National Review Institute:


Come listen to Mary Eberstadt talk about her new book Primal Screams, about the roots of identity politics, Friday night in NY




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