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Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (Nov. 7, 2019)



NEW YORK (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday struck down a new Trump administration rule that could open the way for more health care workers to refuse to participate in abortions or other procedures on moral or religious grounds.

3.  Private giving like GoFundMe shows America at its best. Why criticize generosity?

4. ‘It shut all my doors’: how a Quebec law banning religious symbols derails women’s careers

5. Does Marriage Really Make Us Healthier and Happier?

6. Charles Camosy: Five things Kanye knows

7. A practical guide to discernment (Hint: just be yourself)

8. In case this is of interest, from my Dominican friar friends on the West Coast:


9. A Mass of Comfortable Familiarity and Ardent Longing

10.  A podcast conversation between a Dominican sister and singer Amy Grant

 PLUS: A short audio reflection on a plane ride about this time last week

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Come listen to Mary Eberstadt in NYC Friday night. Co-sponsored by NRI at the Sheen Center

Next Wednesday in D.C.: Adopting a Culture of Life and Love: Protecting and Defending Vulnerable Children and Families Against the Cruelties of Indifference and Ideology


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