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Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (October 15, 2019)


2. Becket’s latest win: Court to doctors: you won’t be forced to perform gender transition procedures


4. The March for Life theme in January is: “Life Empowers: Pro-Life is Pro-Woman,” and is tied to the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage

5. Bill McGurn on Bill Barr at Notre Dame

The speech is here.

6. Beto O’Rourke’s church taxation proposal would hand Trump reelection

7.  Why Are Democrats Jilting G.O.P. Voters Who Want to Like Them?

8. George Weigel on John Henry Newman

9. The saint whose life was ‘a history of failures’

10. About the wonderful group, Hard as Nails: The day God sent me a bus of missionaries to save me from suicide

(More on Hard as Nails here.)

PLUS: Thanks to everyone who made NRI’s Sheen Center events — on virtue and Tim Carney’s book on the difference church makes in the life of a community. On November 4, we’ll be screening a short, powerful documentary and talking about adoption and on Nov. 7, I’ll be talking with Mary Eberstadt about her Primal Screams. Details here and here.

A Year with the Mystics is still on sale on Amazon — 36 percent off. Buy one for yourself or to help another with peace; link here!




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