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Ten Things That Caught My Eye Today (October 29, 2019)

1. Family of Michigan teen fights Beaumont to keep son on life support


3. Congress Should Recognize the Armenian Christian Genocide Now

4. “Get out the tissues! New PSA highlights the emotional impact of adopting a teen

More on the same: From The Ad Council: “Successful campaign has helped connect more than 32,000 children and youth with adoptive families, now in its 15th year, uses real stories to inspire future prospective parents to consider adoption from foster care”

 5. A baby’s struggle to overcome her mother’s addiction 

6.  After Foster Care, Dancing Her Way to Independence

7. The Knights of Columbus latest celebration of “Everyday Heroes”

8. WSJ: A Win for the Uighurs

 9. This is worth watching:

10. Using Horsepower to Fight PTSD and Veteran Suicide

Plus: Cardinal Timothy Dolan had me on his weekly show to talk about A Year with the Mystics: Visionary Wisdom for Daily Living:


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