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Ten Things that Caught My Eye Today (October 3, 2019)

Monday NRI kicks off a series of events in the fall at The Sheen Center in SoHo in Manhattan with the first in a seasonal series called Virtue in America. The first virtue we’re going to tackle is hope, because do we ever need it in a country of despairing people, it sometimes seems! We’ll have Peter Wehner, from the Ethics and Public Policy Center and author of The Death of Politics (which is more hopeful than the title may sound), Michael Wear, author of Reclaiming Hope, and Kristen Hanson whose life is a testament to hope. Get a taste of the panelists here here and here and in these videos for for Kristen and our fourth panelist thanks to videos, J.J. Hanson:



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1. A Year with the Mystics: Visionary Wisdom for Daily Living is 36 percent off on Amazon today! (It was over the weekend, too, and I confess I bought 7 copies to give as gifts.) Get your Christmas shopping done early?

2. This is so very powerful:


And the video is a must-watch:

As is the judge giving her a Bible!

3. Jillian Kay Melchior the Brave from Hong Kong in the Wall Street Journal

4. Also in the WSJ from Matthew Hennessey: A Policeman’s Death and the Life I Didn’t Lead

5. The Little Sisters of the Poor are having to petition the Supreme Court to protect their religious liberty again

6. I love this: The Archdiocese of Los Angeles is celebrating foster families on October 13 with a Mass, picnic, and festival.



8. This is beautiful:


9. This is wonderful — joy, courage, humility, love … light in Hollywood (and midtown Manhattan in this clip!). Laugh with her with her new show and give thanks to God for someone living so honestly for the glory of God in the culture:

And here’s Maria McFadden Maffucci on Heaton’s new comedy.

This is from an interview I did with her last year.


10. If you’re in New York over the next few days, go see that Leonardo Da Vinci’s unfinished St. Jerome if you haven’t. (Sunday is its last day. I just finally got to it this week.) It’s a beautiful meditative piece of beauty. I found myself unexpectedly grateful he didn’t finish it, because he were are being drawn deeper into the mystery of our Creator and the creative powers of our lives which help us come to know Him with a painting that he probably considered a failure.

More about the exhibit here.

PLUS: I have a daily spot that runs throughout the day on weekdays on The Catholic Channel on Sirius XM Channel 129. Here’s an archive of some of the recent ones. Yesterday’s is on virtue. Listen in tomorrow for Saint Francis of Assisi.






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