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Ten Things That Caught My Eye Today (Sept. 11, 2019)

1. The church that rose when the towers fell

2. Memories of 9/11 attacks linger for fire department chaplain

3. 9/11: When John Paul II grieved with America

And Pope Benedict’s prayer at Ground Zero

Pope Francis’s remarks at an interreligious event there



5. From Katrina Trinko at the Daily Signal: A Former Abortionist Explains Her Change of Heart 

6. Babylon Bee: Report: 95% Of Christians Agree The Other 5% Should Keep Adopting

(it’s satire, but . . .)

7. Yahoo News: Parents of children with mental illness look at shooters and wonder, Could that be my child?

8. A Pastor Dies By Suicide: Three Things We All Need to Know

9. About women and preaching at Mass



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