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Ten Things That Caught My Eye Today (September 25, 2018)

1. I love this (because serious, dedicated prayer is powerful):


2. The Jesuit who survived the KGB

3. Six siblings find their forever family after growing up in foster care


5. From The Atlantic‘s “Dear Therapist” column:

When people get married, their spouses come not á la carte, but as a package deal: Family members and friends are integral parts of who they are. In fact, marriages tend to thrive when people come into them with full lives of their own, including strong friendships of their own. Friends provide emotional support and shared outside interests—and, as in the case of the friend in question, they often link us to our pasts. Having these outside connections often makes marriages more resilient than those in which people rely on each other to fulfill all of their needs.

6. “Marriage is becoming a more durable, but far more exclusive, institution.”

7. Michael Gerson: We no longer want to just win. We want to destroy.

8. Sohrab Ahmari: An Antidote to American Political Squalor


10. This is sweet — and a reminder to drop a note in the mail to anyone who may be feeling lonely, could use a word of encouragement or of thanks. There’s always joy in unexpected loving care.


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