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Ten Things That Caught My Eye Today (September 30, 2019)

In or near Manhattan next Monday night? Join this discussion on hope (in politics, culture, and our lives).

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1. From Alliance Defending Freedom: “Mother Teresa Sister released on bail after 15 months in prison without trial

2. 16 Ways We Can Pray for Children in Foster Care

If you have a Bible or prayer book that you keep near, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to print that out and put it in there so it becomes a part of your prayer routine.

A Catholic foster and adoptive mother (more from her here and here) adds a suggestion:

choose a great Saint to intercede for a foster child in your life. It could be your own foster child or the child of someone you know who is fostering. Each of our foster children was “assigned” a prayer warrior from Heaven when they came to live with us. And I call upon those Saints every day for them, wherever they are. Build an army in Heaven for those you love on earth!

3. From upstate New York: CarePortal knows a bed can make all the difference for a child

4. “My Bible used to be the sports page.” A WSJ profile of former NBA referee Steve Javie, now a Catholic deacon.

5. “We Need To Stop Asking Kids To Do Family Tree School Projects

6. Creating a Healthy Family Infrastructure

7. Catholic Center in Jerusalem takes care of the ‘forgotten kids’ of Israel’s immigrant workers

8. Woman donates kidney to her ex-husband for the sake of their children

9. Who hasn’t read a book in the past twelve months?




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